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tehran rent offers

Our team mainly provides accommodations for properties located in top areas of Tehran which are located in northern side of the city. These areas attract foreign visitors because they are safe, beautiful, and include a wide range of luxurious shopping malls with different brands, international restaurants and coffee shops. Some of the top areas of Tehran include Jordan (Africa, Nelson Mandela) Blv., Elahiyeh area, Zaferanieh area, Velenjak area, Farmanieh area, Niavaran area, Shaharak e Gharb, and Sa’adat Abad area. In addition, most foreign embassies are located in northern areas. Residents of these areas are mostly professional and educated people such as ambassadors, doctors, and businessmen. Our team also offers rentals in downtown areas of Tehran where most international companies are located. Some of the downtown areas are Argentina square, Fatemi St., Vali-e-Asr St., French embassy’s neighborhood. 

Beside the mentioned areas, the map that is provided in the website provides more information on the most popular areas and top neighborhoods that our team provides service for. Our services include both furnished and unfurnished rentals that meet different residential and commercial needs.